Making the hardest projects easier. The most complex, simpler.

Grafton Contracts GB have connected and streamlined our entire process to offer you a truly one-stop-shop. The price we jointly agree for any products is the consistent price you’ll pay wherever you access them across our whole nationwide network. Plus our team of experts is always on-hand to deliver relevant, practical answers.

'Everything's connected and streamlined to give a simple one-stop-shop solution'
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You can trust Grafton Contracts GB

Unravelling pricing
The price we jointly agree is the consistent price you’ll pay wherever you access our network.

It takes an expert to keep things simple
With our team of experts – you can rely on us to deliver relevant, practical, understandable answers. We are happy to pass on our knowledge too, so you and your wider team will enjoy dealing with us.

Effortless availability
Our product availability is extensive both at a national and local level; so we work hard to remove the possibility of project down-time due to product shortage.

Simplifying the complexities of working greener
We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously, so we are certified ISO14001. We are committed to providing safe and sustainable solutions at all times whilst promoting adherence to all health and safety matters on-site.